The first meeting has been set for the newly created Carbon Capture and Geologic Sequestration Workgroup, established by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, DEQ officials announced Wednesday.

The meeting will take place Sept. 8, 9 a.m., at DEQ Room 101, located at 168 N. 1950 West.

The group was formed to develop state regulations governing ways to capture carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants. One method being looked at includes storing CO2 in deep rock formations instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. Formation of the group is the result of legislation passed during the 2008 session requiring several state agencies to collaborate on the subject of capturing CO2 emissions.

"There will be a concerted effort among all the agencies involved to develop these rules and prepare comments on the (federal) Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rule regulating underground carbon sequestration," said Candace Cady, a water quality scientist who will work with the new group. "The proposed EPA rule only addresses federal requirements for the injection wells; it does not address requirements for the capture of carbon dioxide at its source or its transportation to the injection well."

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