You published a letter from a good friend of mine who had her wallet stolen while shopping at Wal-Mart ("Wal-Mart has poor service," Readers' Forum, Sept. 2). The thief apparently saw her wallet in her open purse and seized the opportunity, reaching over her oxygen tank to take the wallet.

As my friend stated in her letter, Wal-Mart refused to allow her to pay for her groceries, after going home for another checkbook, because she didn't have ID. The ID had just been stolen. My friend left without her groceries.

The ironic thing is, the man who stole her wallet was able to spend about $600 from her account within minutes of stealing the wallet. So with stolen checks and debit card, he was able to use her account while she was being denied the opportunity to write a check on the same account.

Something is really wrong with that situation.

Julie D. Price

Salt Lake City