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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Runners brave the wet weather to compete in the Mormon Mile race on Monday morning.

It was a cold and wet 4 minutes and 22 seconds for runner Grant Robison, who crossed the finish line first in the inaugural Mormon Mile race at This Is the Place Heritage Park on Labor Day.

Fifteen accomplished runners took the starting line Monday morning — soggy running shoes, drenched hair and all — in a race that began just 15 minutes after hail pounded the path.

"I'm glad it's over," a dripping-wet Robison said shortly after crossing the finish line.

The MormonTimes.com runner said he didn't care so much about achieving a certain race time as long as he crossed the line first. "The time was meaningless."

Other men's Mormon

Times.com runners included Kip Kangogo, who finished third with a time of 4:27.3, and Chandler Goodwin who placed seventh with a time of 4:40.3.

About 80 runners of varied experience and age ran, walked and in some cases carried children along the same path earlier in the morning when the sun was rising, and the only sign of storm was the damp boardwalks of the historic park caused by Sunday's rain. Races for the "masses" and for runners under age 40 and over age 40 were held in addition to men's and women's elite races.

The elite women's event consisted almost entirely of MormonTimes.com Racing Team members, with the only runners not sponsored by the team being seventh-place finisher Shayla Houlihan and first-place finisher Lindsey Anderson.

Anderson, an Olympian who recently competed in the 2008 Beijing Summer Games, won with a time of 5:06. She described the conditions as "cold, windy and miserable to run in," and if it hadn't been for $1,000 prize money for first place, she wouldn't have put herself through it. Anderson will compete in a 1,500-meter steeplechase, the event she ran in Beijing, this weekend in Paris.

Runners who participated in the noncompetitive races had only good things to say about the cool temperatures and clear skies they encountered when they took to the course.

"It's an absolutely gorgeous day for a run," said Matt Dahl, who with his wife and two children ran/walked the course.

Derek Pullan, who was the first to cross the finish line in the over 40 heat, said the mountain air and scenery made for pleasant conditions, though the course — which had a hill at the start — made for an "emotional race." Pullan, 41, of Heber City, said he was happy with his time of 5:17, though he had hoped to break five minutes.

"I started back into running in a serious way back in May," he said. His wife, Laurisa, and children ran in the masses race.

Friends Liz Pugh and Kristene Grondel of Salt Lake City walked in the masses race as part of a summer goal to do a race each weekend.

The MormonTimes.com Mile was their eighth race since they started in June, and their first mile race.

"We've been trying to do a 5K every Saturday," Grondel said. When they complete a race next weekend at Wheeler Farm, they are going to make quilts out of the T-shirts they've received from registration at every race.

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Mormon Mile elite race results


Lindsey Anderson, 5:06.0

Saraiah Long, 5:15.1

Carlee Clark-Platt, 5:21.4

Lindsey Dunkley, 5:24.9

Cynthia Fowler, 5:38.2

Stacie Dorius, 5:45.8

Shayla Houlihan, 5:56.5


Grant Robison, 4:22.1

Seth Pilkington, 4:25.8

Kip Kangogo, 4:27.3

Teren Jameson, 4:27.5

Brad Osguthorpe, 4:31.1

B.J. Christensen, 4:33.1

Chandler Goodwin, 4:40.3

Jim Rock, 6:30.1