I think it is a shame that Utahns and Republicans in general are lining up to support John McCain's vice presidential choice of Sarah Palin. This is not to say she is not capable of handling the job and has little to do with being a woman. However, it has a lot to do with being a supportive mother.

In the last six months, Palin has had two life- and family-changing events: the birth of a handicapped child and finding out that her teenage daughter is pregnant. In both cases, quite a lot of emotional and physical support is demanded. In many cases, this would overwhelm the capacity of a family. So who would you turn to for help? Your extended family and friends would be one answer. But wait! Aren't we looking to move away from all that support just to slog around in politics on the other side of the continent? Yes we are, so Mommy can pursue a dream political job.

Palin is a rising political figure and should be considered, but not in this election. Republicans should give her and her family time to deal with all the new responsibilities and look at her again in the future. That would be supporting family values.

Marc Cella

Salt Lake City