Now that John McCain has chosen a woman for vice president, the liberals are saying that she has no experience, her family will take too much of her time and, just because she is a woman, that is no reason to vote for her. However, that was enough to vote for Hillary Clinton.

They say we need change. How about comparing her with Joe Biden, the Democrats' vice president? He has never been anything but a senator who is permanently entrenched in the liberal establishment in Washington. That's change?

Sarah Palin has been a community organizer, a mayor who worked with both Democrats and Republicans and is now a governor who has charge of the National Guard, has successfully run a large state, reduced taxes, thereby growing the economy, and began oil drilling. That's just a few of her accomplishments. Now that is real change.

How about comparing Barack Obama to her? He has been a community organizer, a U.S. senator and a member of Congress while campaigning for president. He can't match up to her, even to be an almost vice president, not to mention his lack of experience to qualify him for commander in chief. If the Biden/Obama duo wins, the only change will be for the worse — more of the same with a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Loa Don Glade

Salt Lake City