CALDWELL, Idaho (AP) — A retired officer from a southwest Idaho sheriff's office is getting credit for helping nab a hit-and-run suspect.

Retired Lt. Jack Arbaugh, formerly of the Canyon County Sheriff Department, says he tracked down the man and held him at gunpoint until police arrived Sunday.

Arbaugh says he saw a motorist driving at high speed sideswipe a car, then followed the vehicle briefly before the driver parked in a driveway. Arbaugh says he then blocked the driveway with his truck and later pulled a concealed weapon during an encounter with the motorist.

Police arrived and arrested Donovan Coyne, 41, of Caldwell.

Investigators also say the motorist driving the car sideswiped by Coyne suffered minor injuries.

Arbaugh, however, shrugged off his heroics, saying the suspect seemed worthy of being caught.