E-commerce software company iMergent Inc. has settled a legal dispute with the state of Florida.

The Orem-based company on Tuesday said it has entered into a settlement agreement with the Florida attorney general's office. The attorney general filed a lawsuit last year against the company, and refiled it this year after amending it, claiming iMergent sold a business opportunity and made sales in violation of certain consumer protection statutes.

The settlement calls for iMergent to pay $125,000 in fees and to provide refunds for Florida customers who file claims within the next month. IMergent agreed to refunds for people who had previously had filed claims to either the company or the state.

The company also will refund up to $250,000 in claims made over the next 18 months from buyers "who can demonstrate with supporting documentation that there has been a misrepresentation made to them and that the customer could not make the product work," the company said Tuesday.

The company agreed to certain actions intended to clarify its business practices but noted that there is no finding that it is a seller of a business opportunity. Chief Executive Don Danks said the agreement does not limit iMergent's ability to conduct business in Florida.

In recent months, iMergent has agreed to refunds and paid costs to settle similar disputes with Illinois, Wisconsin, Connecticut and North Carolina about the software and sales representations by iMergent and its unit StoresOnline.