DRAPER — Seventy-year-old Larry Ross Harmon told a parole board hearing officer Tuesday that shooting two young men 13 years ago — killing one of them — was a "tragic error in judgment" and he is very sorry for what he did.

During the investigation of the 1995 shootings, Harmon had said he was afraid for his life when the two men walked toward him menacingly on a rural Fillmore road not far from a cabin Harmon owned. He had followed the men in his truck to check on his neighbors' homes.

Prosecutors, however, said that Douglas Greer, 27, and Raymond Oliver Thomas, 21, had simply stopped by Harmon's cabin for help after their vehicle bogged down in mud.

They then walked off and went a half-mile down a road. Harmon followed in his truck, confronted the two and shot both men with a .45-caliber pistol, killing Greer and wounding Thomas, who was shot in the back of the arm while trying to run away.

Harmon was sentenced to five years to life for first-degree felony murder and a judge ordered that another sentence for second-degree felony attempted murder run concurrently with the first.

Juanita McCall, mother of the dead man, said she does not believe Harmon.

"Mr. Harmon is not only a killer, he is a liar," she told the parole board officer. "He had a truck, a gun and a cell phone. He chose to use the gun instead of call for help."

Harmon's actions took Greer from his two children, his brothers and a sister, McCall said. "We don't even know why. He has never offered an apology or any reason at all why."

Harmon said he wrote a letter of apology to an attorney to be given to Greer's family, but did not know if they ever got it.

The five-member board of pardons will review his case and inform him within weeks about its decision regarding parole.

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