MENDON — Children in Mendon have a new school, but few sidewalks to take on the way there.

Parents are worried about kids walking or riding bicycles along the streets on their way to Mountainside Elementary. They say the Cache County town doesn't have much traffic, but it's still dangerous.

Many students walk along 100 East, which can be busy and many drivers ignore the 25 mph speed limit, parent Tanya Cox said.

"We're finding it's more unsafe than we even imagined," Cox said.

Larissa Swasey, another parent, said it will be more dangerous in a few months when snow makes the streets even more narrow.

But sidewalk construction is not in the near future, unless the city can get some outside money from grants. Mayor Michael Morgan said installing sidewalks along 100 East alone would cost about $100,000.

"It's a lot more money than we have to spend," he said.

The parents also worry about the children getting to school without crossing guards, which Morgan said will be hired soon. Right now, a group of parents that Swasey organized is voluntarily handling the crossing guard duty.

Morgan said the $2,000 to $3,000 for a crossing guard wasn't included in this year's budget, but the city will come up with it somewhere and make a hire soon. Next year, crossing guard costs will be included in the planned budget, he said.

Cox and Swasey said many parents are planning to attend the next City Council meeting Sept. 11 to voice their concerns.

"The safety of kids has got to take priority," Swasey said.