MIAMI SHORES, Fla. (AP) — Landon Donovan took off his shirt and soaked in the South Florida sun as he walked off the field Monday, chuckling at the dozen or so college girls photographing his every move.

Don't expect Donovan and the United States men's soccer team to get such a friendly reception at their next stop: The national team's first match in Cuba in 61 years.

And don't expect the U.S. to focus on anything but soccer, either.

"We're not going there to be political," Donovan said Monday. "I'm not going there to make any political statements. I'm going there to play and try to win."

The U.S. national team has traveled to Cuba only once, losing 5-2 in 1947, although the under-20 team played in Havana in 1991 during the Pan American Games.