I am a 66-year-old woman on oxygen who was shopping at the Wal-Mart on 4600 S. 900 East on Aug. 29. When I got to the checkstand with a basketful of groceries, I noticed my wallet had been stolen from my purse, which was sitting in the baby seat of the basket.

They held my groceries while I ran home to get a check. When I returned, wrote out the check and had my groceries all bagged, they said, "We need some ID." I told the cashier my wallet had been stolen in their store. She refused to take my check.

I went to the service desk and called the sheriff. He met me at the desk. I was crying. Wal-Mart said they would check their video cameras, which they never did. The women at that desk were so rude to me. When the sheriff said, "Now, can this lady please take her groceries home," they refused.

I left that horrible place with no wallet or no groceries for the long weekend.

Penny Murphy

Salt Lake City