Manish Swarup, Associated Press
A girl gets help boarding a rescue boat near Triveniganj, northeast<BR> of Patna, India, on Saturday.

India: Many still trapped

TRIVENIGANJ — Stranded by hundreds of miles of floodwaters and trapped on rooftops and trees, desperate villagers stormed rescue boats on Sunday as they tried to escape the flooding that tore through a riverbank and spilled over northern India's vast plains.

Two weeks after the Kosi River overflowed its banks, Indian officials commandeered private watercraft after hearing that boat owners were charging people up to $150 each for a lifesaving ride.

Estimates of the number of dead range from scores to thousands. Some 700,000 people are still trapped with little or no food.

Afghanistan: Troops fired upon

KABUL — An Afghan army commander said that U.S. and Afghan troops were fired on first from a village where a government investigative commission says scores of civilians were killed, according to a report released Sunday.

The chief of staff for the army's Herat corps told the head of the government's investigative commission that shots were fired early Aug. 22 from Azizabad at U.S. and Afghan troops.

But the report, released by the office of President Hamid Karzai, did not specify who fired the shots. The commission found that 15 men, 15 women and 60 children were killed. That finding was backed by a preliminary U.N. report.

The U.S.-led coalition maintains that 25 militants and five civilians died. The U.S. says it is investigating.

Canada: Early elections likely

TORONTO — Canada appeared to be edging closer to early elections with the minority government hoping a vote sooner rather than later will help Conservatives stay in power.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will meet with the head of the main opposition party today, which could lead to an election call early in the week.

Harper is likely to dissolve parliament sometime between this week and set an early election for Oct. 14, a senior official in the prime minister's office said Friday.

Ecuador: Plane crashes

QUITO — A Venezuela cargo plane crashed in Ecuador's central Andes mountains shortly before it was to land, killing the three crew members on board, officials said Sunday.

The Boeing 737-200, operated by state-owned Venezuelan carrier Conviasa, lost contact with air traffic controllers late Saturday night five minutes before it was to land in the town of Latacunga, where it was scheduled to undergo maintenance, Ecuador's Civil Aviation Director Gen. Jorge Zurita told reporters.

Israel: Peace deal rejected

JERUSALEM — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected Israel's idea of an interim peace agreement at a Sunday summit, a Palestinian negotiator said, insisting on an all-or-nothing approach that virtually ruled out an accord by a January target date.

The latest meeting between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was their shortest, lasting less than an hour. Neither side pointed to progress.

Venezuela: U.S. help rejected

CARACAS — Venezuela on Sunday rejected U.S. requests to resume cooperation in the war on drugs, insisting it has made progress despite an alleged fourfold gain in the amount of Colombian cocaine passing through its territory.

In the latest barb-trading over the issue, President Hugo Chavez called White House drug czar John Walters "stupid" for saying drug trafficking through Venezuela has soared in recent years.