HACKENSACK, N.J. (MCT) — Investigators say an air-traffic controller was responsible for a near-miss at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey in July.

A report released Friday by the National Transportation Safety Board blames an air traffic controller for not directing a Cessna to hold short of the runway while taxiing.

The Cessna was taxiing and about to cross a runway where a small jet was preparing to take off en route to Costa Rica on July 9.

The jet was forced to abort its takeoff. The two planes on the ground came within about 400 yards of each other. No one was injured.

The incident took place just two weeks after a Lear jet landed on a closed runway at Teterboro. A controller working solo at 5:34 a.m. had allowed the aircraft — which came within 150 feet of two ground workers — to land on the closed runway, FAA spokesman Jim Peters said.