The Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Assessment has been given the task of examining the state's current testing system.

The committee is to develop a new process that assesses basic skills, informs teachers and parents how the student is doing and encourages post-secondary education.

The panel, which includes Utah State Office of Education officials, legislators, parents, teachers and administrators, is finalizing its proposal. The plan is slated to be presented to the governor Sept. 26.

The plan calls for eliminating three tests: the Criterion-Referenced Test (CRT), which is an end-of-level exam used for supplying data for the federal mandated No Child Left Behind; the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test (UBSCT), which students are to pass before graduation; and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, which shows educators how Utah kids are doing as compared nationally.

Instead, students would be assessed with a variety of tests, including EXPLORE, PLAN, Accuplacer and the ACT. Some of the other tests are through the Northwest Evaluation Association.