WEST VALLEY CITY — City Council members decided not to completely ban King Kong from the city, but he will not be free to roam indefinitely, either.

Car dealerships and other business owners will be allowed to display inflatable King Kongs or other inflatable signs for 30 days each year, with no restrictions on which days, according to a new temporary sign ordinance passed by the council Tuesday. Additionally, such inflatable signs must be physically attached to the ground, not just anchored down.

Several local business owners and owners of sign shops discussed their objections to the proposed ordinance with the council Tuesday. The main focus of conversation regarded the inflatable signs.

Local car dealerships came to the meeting to explain that inflatable signs increase their revenues. Some suggested the council consider regulating the amount of time such signs are displayed, rather than banning them outright

The council agreed and decided to allow inflatable signs under the proposed ordinance. However, no inflatables will be allowed on top of buildings — something Councilman Mike Winder says is "trashy."

"Why are we telling business owners what they can use on their private property?" Councilman Joel Coleman asked the council.

He was told by other council members that the entire ordinance was used to tell city residents and business owners what can and cannot be done in the city. The point of the temporary sign ordinance is to clean up the city, from the storefront facades to the city streets.

Some business owners also expressed concern with the proposed regulation that allows only one temporary sign per business, on a regulated time frame. The original proposal stated, "Businesses shall be permitted one temporary sign every six months which shall be displayed for a maximum of 90 consecutive days."

During the meeting, the council changed the ordinance to allow one temporary sign with no restrictions on when it would be used, or the length of time it would be used for.

City residents also spoke at the public hearing, several stating they understood the need for businesses to advertise. However, one couple complained West Valley City was turning into Tijuana, with too much advertising and not enough class. They said they built their home in West Valley City years ago, but now they are contemplating moving, saying they do not like what the city is becoming.

Council members said they would consider public input for the wording of each section of the proposed ordinance. The ordinance will be available to the public as soon as it is reviewed for accuracy and can be posted.

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