Seven semitrailer loads of emergency relief supplies from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are on their way from Salt Lake to Gulf Coast church storehouses near the expected impact zone of Hurricane Gustav, and more is on the way.

Church officials said in a statement Friday that they are in close contact with Texas and Louisiana emergency-response teams as well as Federal Emergency Management personnel. Supplies are headed to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Fla., and Slidell, La. — areas the emergency teams anticipate will host hurricane evacuees.

The trucks are carrying 100,000 hygiene kits to supplement storehouse supplies that include satellite phones, generators, linens, plastic sheeting, water and food. More trucks are scheduled to head south this weekend with additional hygiene kits and food boxes.

LDS missionaries in the four mission districts most likely to be affected have been notified, and the church has contacted the families of those missionaries with assurances that the storm is being closely monitored, and early actions will be taken to keep them out of danger.

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