An acquaintance of ours, looking for a physician for her child, made an appointment with our pediatrician. The child, about age 3, walked in with a bottle of milk in her hand. The physician asked the mother why the child was still drinking from a baby bottle. The mother replied, "She just likes it." The doctor's very blunt response was, "If she asked you for the keys to the car, would you give them to her?"

It is a medical fact that the brains of people younger than 21 have not yet fully developed and alcohol inhibits that maturation. Show us the evidence that lowering the legal age to consume alcohol would put a stop to binge drinking. Would you be comfortable knowing that an 18-year-old high school student, attending the school of your child or grandchild, came back from lunch having downed a couple of beers with car keys in their possession?

Rodger Kasteler