Two elementary school girls crying wolf caused some tense moments in Salt Lake City on Thursday.

The girls reported a possible abduction, but their story turned out to be made up, said Salt Lake police spokeswoman Lara Jones. Although police and school district officials were relieved there wasn't really a kidnapped child, Jones said a lot of resources that could have been used in a better way were directed at the call.

About 10:30 a.m., two third-grade girls at Rose Park Elementary, 1105 W. 1100 North, reported seeing another student being forced into a vehicle, Jones said.

More than 40 Salt Lake City officers and 19 FBI agents were eventually called on the case, costing the department approximately $10,000 in man hours.

After nearly 3 1/2 hours of searching by police and volunteers, going to other schools and counting heads, the girls admitted they never saw anything and simply concocted the story, Jones said. Why the students told the lie was unknown Thursday.

"The school does have a plan to discipline these students," said Salt Lake School District spokesman Jason Olsen.

In addition, the school will be contacting each of the girls' parents to explain the severity of what they did.

The incident is a good reminder for parents to teach their children the importance of not crying wolf, Jones said.