Hollywood hasn't contributed official speakers to Barack Obama's convention this week. But, man, have celebrities flocked to Denver in droves. Oprah's in the house! Was that Matthew Modine just now? Oh, wow, there's Anne Hathaway.

All that, along with Thursday's final-night lineup featuring A-list performers like Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder and Obama's splashy acceptance speech in a packed football stadium, will be scooped up by Republican John McCain, as grist for his refrain-of-the-moment: that his Democratic opponent is all flash and no pan.

Camp McCain has already gotten mileage out of mocking the Democrats' stage set for Thursday's speech at Invesco Field, where Obama will stand before four ivory columns on the 50-yard line. "The Temple of Obama," they call it.

They kept that drumbeat going so long that Democrats dug up a photo of George Bush accepting the 2004 GOP nomination on a stage with similar Greek columns. That shut up Republicans temporarily, but not for long.