A man severely beaten in South Salt Lake by a group claiming they were trying to retrieve their kidnapped children is speaking publicly for the first time about his experience.

"The physical damage is easy to list; the emotional anguish is not as easy to verbalize," Dan Fair said in a written statement.

On July 4, several people broke into the house of David "DJ" Bell and his partner Fair. The group believed Bell was responsible for kidnapping two young children who were found safe in his house.

Both Bell and Fair were beaten badly, with Fair getting the worst of it. Bell was charged with two counts of kidnapping. Fair was not charged with any crime and is not expected to be charged.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office declined to file felony charges against the family accused in Fair's beating. A decision by South Salt Lake prosecutors whether to file misdemeanor charges was still pending Thursday.

The Deseret News received a copy Thursday of a statement submitted to the group Injustice801.com that was posted on its Web site. Injustice801 is a group in support of David Bell.

In it, Fair proclaims that his partner, Bell, is innocent of the kidnapping charges and expresses his anger and disappointment over the DA's decision not to file assault charges.

"I have been denied justice," he wrote.

The family of the toddlers claimed they were trying to protect their children, and that the incident was not a hate crime. They have expressed some remorse for the severity of the injuries Fair received.

But Fair said what happened was indeed a hate crime.

" ... I was beaten solely because of who I am. I feel the people who attacked me made an assumption based on my sexual orientation. They assumed because I am gay, I had kidnapped their children with the intent to do harm. They attacked me because they had a pre-conceived perception of gay people. A simple misunderstanding turned to hate crime."

Fair said what happened resembled a horror movie and that he was in fear for his life.

"I remember being passed back and forth between people who took turns battering me with their fists. Fists not being an ample enough weapon, they began to use household objects, including a TV, chair, frying pan and an ornate salt shaker to inflict greater damage," he wrote on the Web site.

Fair said he feared he would die if he passed out or fell down. His eye socket was fractured and nine areas of his body required stitches or staples.

Last week, Bell was ordered to stand trial on the kidnapping charges. Fair, meanwhile, said he would continue fighting.

"I did not lie down or give up as they brutally beat me and I will not lie down or give up now as this justice system does the same," he said. "I survived an angry mob on July 4th, and I will survive an unjust legal system now."

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