Todd Weiler (My View, Aug. 27) reminded me of how easy it is to be a Republican in Utah. With only a tiny shred of competence, a Republican can be elevated to vice chairman of Utah's GOP. This position then allows you to write a vapid piece about Democrats and have it published as a column in the Deseret News.

Why was the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill circumstance a "fiasco" if there was potential for a case of sexual harassment? Why was getting Robert Bork "borked" a bad thing if he would have been a politially motivated justice? Would Weiler's world be more convenient if everyone voted in favor of Bush's appointments to the Supreme Court? Is there no room for political discourse and alternative opinions in Weiler's perfect world?

Maybe Weiler is comfortable that America is saddled with monumental debt and embroiled in a senseless Iraqi conflict. Maybe he wants to maintain the status quo with an economy out of control. But why would Weiler not consider health care for everyone a legitimate family value?

Maybe Mr. Weiler will one day realize that a poorly conceived argument, preached to the choir, does not make for good writing.

Evan Richards

Salt Lake City