I read a quote recently that next to performing brain surgery, driving was the most complex cognitive daily activity we would ever engage in. We all ought to be more careful. And — given the fragility of life — we all ought to be kinder.

Riding our bikes this week along Redwood Road in Saratoga Springs, we were crossing at a stop sign when a careless driver stopped, looked left, saw no cars, then started into the intersection. My husband, jamming on his brakes, flew over the handle bars and found himself looking up at the approaching car from a tangle of spokes.

The driver rushed up and said three things: "Are you all right?" "I didn't hit you." And "You were on the wrong side of the road." I would have thought "I'm sorry" would be in there. What a comment to a 72-year-old man you had just run off the road.

My husband calmly said, "You need to be more careful."

We were less than a mile from where a child had been killed the day before by an inexperienced driver.

We all need more caution — and more kindness.

Paula H. Hill

Saratoga Springs