A dental clinic operator in Logan and his wife have been charged with state income tax evasion, as well as identity theft.

A press release by the Utah State Tax Commission said Mark Andrew Johnson, 53, and his wife, Tally Marie Nelson Johnson, 50, of Paradise, were charged with second-degree felony tax evasion and third-degree felony counts of identity theft and failure to render proper tax returns.

The state alleges Mark Johnson operated a dental clinic in Logan for many years and he and his wife operated as independent contractors for a multilevel marketing distributor.

"They have intentionally and fraudulently used various names and Social Security numbers to conceal income," said Charlie Roberts, tax commission spokesman.

"The Johnsons owe more than $50,000 in state income tax and penalties."

Roberts added that the agency's criminal investigation shows that there has been a refusal to pay state income taxes since at least 1989.