DENVER — A Utahn will help make the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention this afternoon.

Jordan Apollo Pazell is among those chosen by Clinton's campaign to formally second her nomination from the floor.

"Having a Utah delegate do that will be good for Utah," he told the Utah delegation at its morning meeting.

He said he has not yet prepared exactly what he will say. Will the fact that millions may be watching him on cable TV and the Internet make him nervous? "Not at all," he said smiling, but rolling his eyes.

Pazell is 18 years old. Not only is he the youngest delegate from Utah, he is the third youngest delegate nationally at the convention. He worked for the Clinton campaign earlier this year in Iowa and Nevada, taking a year off from school to help with that campaign.

Of course, the outcome of the vote has long ago been decided and Barack Obama will win. But the convention will still allow Clinton's name to be put in nomination along with Obama, and a roll call of the states is scheduled.