FARMINGTON — The "Lane Gain" project on I-15 between Farmington and Layton is now ahead of schedule and will be essentially completed by Dec. 1.

The project will add a car-pool lane in each direction between the State Street overpass in Farmington and the Layton South Main Street exit.

"This project is coming together pretty good," said Vic Saunders, UDOT Region 1 spokesman.

The project could be completed before December because some joint work associated with the Legacy Parkway has been able to accelerate the effort. Also, more workers will be available for the Lane Gain project once the Legacy Parkway opens Sept. 13.

Originally, Lane Gain was to be completed late next spring.

One finishing touch, however, will have to wait until spring — the final sealant coat. That will cause some traffic disruption for a brief time next year.

The Lane Gain work has caused significant traffic delays, especially during the midmorning to midafternoon time period. Afternoon rush hour traffic has also been slow through the work area, and some commuters have jammed Highway 89 to try to avoid the congestion.

More good news is that the access to I-15 southbound from Layton's Main Street will be restored by or before Sept. 17. It has been closed since early June.

Saunders also said that left turns onto Main Street off Layton's 900 South have been permanently halted. Even once I-15 access opens, northbound access from 900 South will not be allowed. Work on an expanded south I-15 interchange in Layton could begin late next year.

UDOT is also planning on suspending some midday work for Lane Gain so that three lanes of traffic will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday through Monday to accommodate Labor Day holiday traffic.

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