Icy resolution

Winning an Olympic medal is a one-in-a-million proposition, particularly if you live in the Netherlands.

ESPN.com compiled a list of medals-per-capita, by country, and Dutch athletes claimed one per 1,040,322 citizens in the Summer Games.

The top dog was the Bahamas, where athletes won one medal for every 153,725 residents.

China was only 68th, with one medal for every 13 million or so residents. In the U.S., you have a one-in-2.7-million shot at a medal (45th). And in India (87th), you have roughly one chance in 400 million.

Rock On is considering moving to Iceland (No. 3), where ESPN.com calculates there's a one-in-304,367 chance at a medal. That's not great odds, but still better than his chances of winning a Pulitzer.

Besides, he understands it's great sleeping weather up there.

Red alert

This can't be good news for the Utes.

Michigan — which plays Utah this Saturday in Ann Arbor — has been practicing with blocking sleds that have red pads, to get players motivated.

Sounds like the Wolverines are serious about winning. Except for this: The pads actually have Ohio State logos on them.

So it's nothing personal against the Utes. They just happened to be in the neighborhood.

The people's court

Italian soccer champ Inter Milan has been ordered to pay a Napoli fan $2,210 for "existential damage" caused by banners that called Naples the "sewer of Italy."

The Telegraph says last October, fans at a game displayed banners mocking Naples, due to a garbage strike that left refuse in the streets.

"Ciao, cholera suffers!" said one banner.

Consequently, one shamed Napoli fan sued the Milan club and won ...

So the next time you consider making a banner that says, "Harline's Still Open" or "Utah 34, BYU 31 — Get Used to It," just remember this: Someone may end up suing your pants off.

Men at work

RSL coach Jason Kreis showed up for interviews last week with two fingers on his left hand bandaged.

He said he hurt them in a woodworking accident. The good news is he barely scraped the tips and should be fine.

"Seriously, it's just a little corner," he said. "No big deal. It'll grow back, even."

Asked if he can actually craft things, Kreis said, "Occasionally I can throw together furniture."

He continued, "But I have very little talent and even less time."

Just wondering: Isn't that exactly what Brent Guy's been saying about the Aggies?

The bare truth

Never one to ignore young, impressionable minds, Playboy magazine has invented a poll called the Playboy College Sportswriter Top 25.

That's right, college journalists nationwide got to cast their votes for the best team in the land, in the most famous porn mag in the land.

Interesting concept.

Who knew college kids like to read Playboy?

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