PROVO — Police arrested a 17-year-old boy Tuesday afternoon after he said he walked more than 30 miles last night to escape from a youth detention program in Mona.

A Provo police officer was patrolling the area near the 7-Eleven near 500 W. Columbia Lane when he noticed a young man who looked suspicious, said Provo Police Lt. John Geyerman.

"(The police officer) said he looked squirrely," Geyerman said.

The police officer turned around to swing by the 7-Eleven one more time, and the boy slunk around back. After a short pursuit, the police officer caught the boy, who refused to even tell the officer his name at first, Geyerman said.

The boy eventually calmed down and told police he escaped from a youth detention center in Mona the night before and claimed he walked 34 miles during the night to reach Provo.

Geyerman said the boy was taken to Slate Canyon Detention Center and will be returned to the youth program in Mona.