AMERICAN FORK CANYON (AP) — Snowbird ski resort is teaming up with the conservation group Trout Unlimited to clean up a second historic mine site in American Fork Canyon.

Crews are stopping groundwater from leaching through waste piles at the Live Yankee Mine site. The water was picking up heavy metals and killing aquatic insects that provide food for native trout in nearby streams.

The work got under way Monday with the blessing of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and will be finished Friday.

It's the second mine site Snowbird helped clean up on the backside of the resort. In 2006, jewelry-maker Tiffany & Co. helped fund another effort to clean up the old Pacific Mill site.

American Fork Canyon rises from Utah's heavily populated Wasatch Front corridor and was the site of about 100 silver and other mines that operated mostly between 1870 and 1920.