I had a friend when we lived in Miami who had a no-eating rule in her car. I never could understand how she managed. I try to load up my kids with snacks and drinks before heading out on errands, but the minute they step in the car they're parched, dehydrated, and gnawing on their knuckles out of hunger.

I wonder if the pioneers dealt with the same problem, traveling as they did across the plains, eating as they went in their wagons. I can see those mothers, sagebrush in hand, sweeping off the sideboards and buggy boards, muttering under their breath, "If I have to clean up one more mashed Jonny cake or bit of dried buffalo, I'm going to march these kids back to Iowa." Perhaps that's where the idea of pioneer children walking, and walking, and walking came from. Those mothers wouldn't allow them in the wagon; they simply didn't want to clean up another mess.

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