PROVO — A woman arrested and charged with posing nude with a 17-year-old girl was advised to invite better men into her life.

Fourth District Judge Samuel McVey recently sentenced Bobette Wimmer to 180 days in jail and then scolded her for trying to please her then-boyfriend and professional photographer, Raymond Matthew Stone, by posing erotically with the young girl.

"In the course of your therapy, I order that you address having appropriate male figures in your life," McVey told her. "If you're going to be engaged with boyfriends and that, you've got to learn to choose these guys who aren't going to victimize you or help you in victimizing (others)."

Wimmer, 36, previously pleaded guilty and was sentenced Monday on 10 second-degree felony charges of child abuse for her involvement with the photo shoot in October 2006.

Her 180 days in jail can be transferred to the ankle-monitoring system after she's spent 60 days in the actual jail, McVey ruled.

Police say that in October 2006, a 17-year-old girl and her friend went to Stone's Orem studio to talk about getting some glamour shots but the shoot soon became sexual.

The 17-year-old girl previously testified that both Stone and Wimmer encouraged her to take off more clothes and pose provocatively.

The pictures eventually began to show genitals and the girl, topless, plus Wimmer in similar poses.

Prosecutor Doug Finch said he was concerned that in the pre-sentence report Wimmer seemed to be avoiding responsibility.

"I think she still continues to blame (the victim) for somehow being responsible for things that were going on," Finch said. "I believe that some jail time is very appropriate."

Defense attorney Gunda Jarvis asserted that her client has taken responsibility.

"She says that she's sorry, she realizes that this is her fault," Jarvis said. "She was the adult, she should have stopped the situation and she didn't. She will forever regret that."

Wimmer spoke quietly when she addressed the judge, saying that she would do all she could to help the victim get counseling. She also asked for the opportunity to spend most of her confined time on the Utah County Jail's ankle monitoring system.

"I'd like the opportunity to continue to do well," she said.

Wimmer will be a witness in the case against Stone, who faces 24 felony charges including attempted forcible sodomy and sexual exploitation of a minor.

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