I start this letter with a plea and a thank you. Sunday, while walking my small dog with my newborn baby in a stroller, I was attacked by a large Rottweiler left to roam for "just a minute" by an irresponsible owner. The dog went after my leg but decided to attack my dog instead. My screams for help were answered by a neighbor who had to hit the dog with large rocks just to get it to stop attacking. I first want to thank that kind man who saved not only the life of my dog, but very likely the lives, or at least prevented severe injury, of me and my baby. But, I also wish to send out a plea for Payson, Provo and neighboring cities to ban the larger dogs known for aggression.

I am now afraid to take my dog for a simple walk around my block. If I had been attacked by a poodle instead of a Rottweiler, this letter would not be necessary.

Jolynn Forman