WEST VALLEY CITY — The Utah Cultural Celebration Center may become more renowned once the city completes its proposed $100 million multicultural Jordan River Marketplace.

The West Valley City Council met Tuesday afternoon in a study meeting to hear the last of two proposals for redevelopment of a field just north of 3300 South. Last week, the council heard MVM Development's proposal for an international marketplace. The council was concerned the plans were too similar to a strip mall.

This week's proposal came from Ascent Construction. Its vision featured pedestrian walkways and river walks, multi-use trails, ethnic restaurants, outdoor dining, stores, condos, business offices and cultural landmarks.

"This project could put West Valley City on the map," said presenter Bob Murri.

Redevelopment of the area and welcoming multicultural business enterprises "will create a destination place for West Valley City," said Brad Knowlton, CEO of Ascent Construction.

The council expressed its concerns that the proposal did not encompass the city's plan for a multicultural experience.

"We were expecting something that would scream international," Councilman Joel Coleman said.

Councilwoman Carolynn Burt simply stated, "This is so generic."

The Ascent team explained the need for simple structures that can be easily decorated to create the international feel the city is looking for. "The building alone can't do it," Knowlton said.

Ascent said the proposed architecture is in its early stages and could incorporate the council's suggestions.

The council will consider both proposals and meet in a few weeks to discuss future plans for the marketplace.

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