NEW YORK (AP) — The roar of 1,000 motorcycles accompanied a steel beam from the World Trade Center on Saturday as it traveled to Pennsylvania, where it will be part of a memorial to those who died there in a Sept. 11 airliner crash.

Hundreds of current or retired New York firefighters escorted the beam from Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field to Shanksville, Pa.

In a new memorial being built next to a volunteer fire company, the two-ton, 14-foot beam will sit on a base shaped like the Pentagon.

"It's a great thing to honor the people on Flight 93 by putting together all three attack sites — the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and Pennsylvania," said Eugene Stolowski, a New York firefighter.

United Airlines Flight 93 was brought down by hijackers just outside Shanksville, about 40 minutes into its flight from Newark, N.J.