PROVO — President Gordon B. Hinckley's advice for teens to have fun by laughing, playing and dancing comes with a big BUT, Stan G. Crippen told a young audience Thursday afternoon at Brigham Young University Campus Education Week in a session called "How to Be Happy — Examining Your Expectations."

Crippen, a teacher and educational consultant for REAL Educational Solutions, quoted President Hinckley from the Feb. 3, 1996, edition of LDS Church News: "But there is a line in the sand which you cannot cross ever. There's a line in the sand which you cannot cross that pertains to morality, to honesty, to diligence.... Choose the right."

Crippen said he has spent countless nights waiting up for his daughters after church dances, and it hurts when daughters report they only danced once or twice. But he recognizes that guys don't ask because they're afraid of the word "no."

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