Employees at a Salt Lake dollar store tackled a would-be robber after she dropped her gun during a stickup Thursday night.

The 37-year-old woman hid inside Dollar Tree, 783 N. Redwood Road, waiting until the store was closed around 9:30 p.m., said Salt Lake Police Lt. Dave Hoffman.

"The manager and some other employees were counting the money," he said. "She told them to give her the money or she would kill them."

The woman was holding a pistol and some handcuffs. At one point, she dropped the gun and employees tackled her, police said. During the scuffle, the woman pulled out a pocket knife, but the employees were able to disarm her without being injured, Hoffman said.

"We certainly don't recommend maybe losing your life over property. Property can be replaced," Hoffman said. "But it worked for them."

The woman was arrested for investigation of two counts of aggravated robbery.