WEST VALLEY CITY — Car lots and other local businesses may never look the same here. Flag streamers and inflatable gorillas may be completely banned, if the planning commission has its way.

The City Council is now considering the commission's proposed changes to the city's temporary sign ordinance.

Such changes would include the display and use of temporary signs. Storefronts would only be allowed to use one temporary sign, on a 90-day on, 90-day off rotation, according to the proposal. Flags used for advertising would have to be approved by the planning commission for conditional use permits and would be limited to three flags per property.

Inflatable advertisements including balloons and gorillas often seen at car dealerships, as well as the feather shaped ads made popular by T-mobile, would be completely prohibited.

Places of business would also be prohibited from covering more than 25 percent of window space, including displaying a company's name, hours and logo. The ordinance changes would additionally determine the time and location advertisements may be displayed on the property.

All temporary signs and advertisements would need to be approved through the committee and receive a permit sticker. However, during a grand opening, all forms of advertisements would be allowed for the first 30 days after the business receives its license, without major regulations.

Throughout the planning commission's presentation Tuesday, council members provided suggestions and asked questions about the proposal. The entire council and commission said they would consider changing the allowable percentage of window coverage from 25 to 50 percent.

Councilwoman Carolynn Burt expressed her disapproval of the ordinance changes, stating that the wording was not clear enough. She also explained the need for business owners to advertise — without it, business dies, she said.

Members of the public with suggestions, concerns or other comments are invited to attend a public hearing 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the council chambers at the West Valley City Hall, 3600 Constitution Blvd.

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