We need to learn from Japan when it comes to transportation, drying clothes and conserving water. In Houston, rails were stripped from the hectic I-10 in favor of yet another paved lane. This is ridiculous. High-speed rails can be efficient enough to encourage the transition from stressful driving to use of mass transit. Emerging from the selfish energy-sucking SUV bubbles would reduce toxic emissions and the number of drunken drivers on the road.

In cookie-cutter complexes, laws preventing people from line-drying clothes need to be removed. Line-drying clothes is meditative. The balconies of Japan are full of drying clothes. Though it may be considered an eyesore for the superficial, each time we run a dryer, unnecessary heat burns through our environment.

Toilets should be modeled after those in Japan to allow the water refilling the bowl to run through a sink for washing hands after each flush.

Alisa Green

Salt Lake City