As a Provo native, I am alarmed at Brady Harper and Robin Roller's business plan to commercialize the Bridal Veil Falls area in Provo Canyon. The two claim that their goal is to "restore" the falls area in a "very green, environmentally sensitive way" — which apparently means building a restaurant, amphitheater and a tram line.

I fail to see how erecting large business buildings in a beautiful nature area is equated with "environmentally sensitive." In the past there was a gift shop and tram line. But nature had other plans when an avalanche took those out in the 1990s.

I think it wise and worthwhile to keep up the hiking trails in the area to make it safe and accessible, but commercializing the God-given beauty of Bridal Veil Falls is appalling and exhibits poor stewardship of the Earth and environment.

Emily Sudweeks

Arlington, Va.