Stephanie Jones is not exactly sure what to expect from her acupuncture sessions. So far, she noticed one effect.

"I had the most refreshing sleep I've ever had," Jones said.

It's a nice benefit, but that's not why she is doing it. Jones, 38, is having acupuncture treatments because she heard it could help with infertility.

"We wanted to try something natural before we did the heavy duty stuff," Jones said.

Jones and her husband, Kevin, 34, have been trying to get pregnant for four years. While working on a ranch in Jackson, Wyo., a few months ago, one volunteer, a doctor, told Jones she should try acupuncture.

"I don't know if it will work," Jones said.

Because of her husband's job as a helicopter pilot, the couple rarely stays in the same location for longer than four to six months. Sometimes, an acupuncturist is unavailable in the location where the couple resides.

Jones had three acupuncture sessions before she and her husband left the state. He was called to fight fires in California, and then they headed to McCall, Idaho, for the summer.

In order to keep consistent, Dr. Sharon Francel-Peeler of Layton advised Jones that she should continue taking herbs and should continue with an acupuncturist in Idaho while out of town during the summer.

To date, the acupuncture has not been successful. — Molly Bennett