I felt fall in the air this morning as I worked in the garden.

Yeah. I did. Even though the days are still stifling, autumn is definitely on its way. Time to pull out that list I made in early June called STUFF I WANT TO DO THIS SUMMER and take inventory. Here's how things stand.

I managed to ... go to a few Bees games, attend my niece and nephew's joint farewell in Las Vegas, take a hike in Bryce Canyon with cousins, see the white alligator at Hogle Zoo with my friend Doni because our kids wouldn't go with us, consume a LOT of mango Italian ices from Luna's, listen to Derek Trucks in concert at Red Butte Garden, get a pedicure, and have a picnic on a Sunday afternoon in Liberty Park.

On the other hand, I didn't ... eat enough sushi, although that was practically at the top of To Do list. Especially spicy tuna rolls from Koko's Kitchen. I wanted to eat a lot of those, and I didn't somehow and HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

I also didn't sleep outside in our backyard on a starry Saturday night, which is something I try to do at least once a summer. Sleeping in the backyard makes me feel like a kid again. I didn't ride bikes enough, either, which also makes me feel like a kid.

On the other OTHER hand I did play a little tennis, hit a few golf balls with my dad and drive to Wyoming with my mother who (surprisingly) didn't insist that her poodle go with us. (Yes! I got to sit in the front seat for a change! Thanks for staying home this time, Mom's poodle!)

Still. My mother and I didn't go to Bear Lake or visit her grandmother's grave in Garden City. We didn't buy a shake at LeBeau's or pick up a lug (that's what we call them) of raspberries to make frozen jam.

I think I'm going to be sorry about that in December, actually.

BUT. I gave our friend Aria a wedding shower. My husband and I walked the dogs almost every morning. We danced at Abby and Nate's wedding. I read everything I could about Brad and Angelina's babies. I went to the Farmer's Market and tripped over dogs on leashes (another column for another day).

I slept with the bedroom windows open and listened to sprinklers, crickets and far-off sirens.

Sadly, I never did get around to training for the St. George Marathon. I also didn't find an air show to attend. And I completely missed Hannah Montana at the Stadium of Fire.


I also went barefoot most of the time, even after I broke

my toe. I played a lot of darts. I drove at night with all my windows down and the radio up. I saw "The Taming of the Shrew" in Cedar City with our kid who's leaving for college this week.

I saw "Mamma Mia!" with Janet and find I still like Pierce Brosnan even though my fine friend Chris Hicks is right, he can't sing.

I saw the sun rise as Kathy and I hiked up to 11th Avenue through the old city cemetery where we saw a red fox. I held Becky's first grandbaby. I picked up a returned missionary at the airport and took him home because (after all) he still belongs to us.

On balance, I'd say, it was a very good summer.

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