Winner: The Food and Drug Administration deserves praise for its decision this week to allow spinach and iceberg lettuce sellers to treat their products with radiation. This won't harm consumers in any way, but it will safeguard against E. coli and other germs that could harm them. As experts warned this week, growers still need to keep their farms clean, and consumers still need to wash spinach and lettuce before eating them, but it's good to see the government allowing a procedure that has raised unwarranted concerns among some.

Loser: A lot of the folks who adamantly oppose electronic voting seem unaware that virtually all election abuses in the nation's history (and there have been plenty) have been done using paper or punch-card ballots. It's right to be concerned that new voting machines are reliable and verifiable, but there is no reason to feel secure just because, as the Associated Press reported this week, 57 percent of Americans this year will be voting on paper. It doesn't take too much dirty work to stuff a ballot box. For that, you don't need a computer scientist.

Winner: We're glad to see that a major vending-machine company is going to offer kids in Utah a chance to buy healthy snacks. In the schools that offer these choices, the machines will be alongside ones that offer traditional sugar- and calorie-laden snacks. Life is all about choices. If the kids pay attention during health class, they will make the right ones.

Loser: Bigfoot, eh? What exactly did a Georgia police officer and a former corrections officer take people for, anyway?

Well, the answer to that one should be obvious. Now that the dead "Bigfoot" carcass they claimed to possess has been thawed and discovered to be a rubber gorilla suit, the world should rest a little safer. Except it can't, of course, because plenty of gullible people remain willing to believe and perpetuate tales of fantastic creatures and large conspiracies.