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Jet Black Stare

The one thing that Jet Black Stare lead singer Rod Black doesn't want to do is take anything for granted. Especially since the band has been signed to a major label, Universal Records.

"When we got signed, we knew that's when the real work had to start," Black said during a phone interview from the band's stop in Houston. "You never know how long this will last. And you need to savor every moment of it and make sure we give each show and recording 100 percent."

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jet Black Stare — Black, bassist Shane Hayes, drummer Dan Swinimer and guitarists Flip and Dave Muselman — released its debut "In This Life" last month. The CD's first single, and kick-off track, was picked up by the WWE pay-per-view TV's "Summerslam."

"The album took some turns in its creation," said Black, who cited AC/DC, Johnny Cash and Pearl Jam as some of his major musical influences. "I co-wrote the songs with Jeff Johnson, and we come from similar backgrounds. We're both lead singers and we both listen to everything.

"Anyway, when we signed with Universal back in September last year, we immediately found ourselves in the studio," Black said. It was crazy, because usually it will take a few months before a band goes in after the paperwork is done.

"Well, we were up on adrenaline because of the signing, and the songs we had worked on prior to the signing didn't grab us as much as they did. So we ended up writing more."

Johnson and Black finished a total of 20 songs, 15 of which were recorded. Out of the 15, 11 wound up on the album.

"The record label wanted us to get an album out as soon as we could," said Black. "We gave them the songs that we believed in, and they went with it."

Although the band is riding high on tours with 3 Doors Down, Staind and Nickelback, Black said it wouldn't be where it is without the support of family and friends.

"We're in Texas and a long way from our home in Vancouver," he said. "And we've all got family and it's hard being away from them, but we know they would expect us to give 100 percent.

"And that's what we do. We give 100 percent whether we play in front of five people or 5,000.

"The thing of the band is the fact that our goals didn't include making a ton of money," Black said with a laugh. "I mean if you're in this business for money, you're in the wrong business. We're in it to make music and have fun. I mean we're able to play music almost every day for people. Even on our days off we're sitting around working on our acoustic set.

"The people we've met — like the guys in Staind, 3 Doors Down and Nickelback — are like big brothers to us," said Black. "They give us a lot of support and advice. And to us, we're learning a lot from the best."

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