SARATOGA SPRINGS — A 4-year-old boy died this afternoon after being run over by a van in Saratoga Springs.

The boy was with his mother at a bus pickuparea of the T-intersection of Parkway Boulevard and Wagoneer Road just before 8 a.m., watching a sibling get on the bus, said Saratoga Springs Police Cpl. Aaron Rosen.

The mother and the young boy waved goodbye to the sibling, the bus pulled away and the child began riding his bike in the crosswalk.

A van, driven by a teenage male, turned left and didn't see the young boy, hitting him and running over him with two wheels, Rosen said.

The mother was standing with other parents on the other side of the street and was not injured.

The boy was flown to Primary Children's Medical Center where he later died, Rosen confirmed.

Police have talked with the driver and are still investigating the case, Rosen said.

The crosswalk is indicated by street paint, not a light or flashing signal.