Utah legislators worry that the governor forgot a few things when he rushed state employees into a new four-day workweek.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle questioned Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s new "Working 4 Utah" program during the Legislature's monthly interim meetings on Wednesday.

Senate President John Valentine, R-Orem, fears employees will eventually start working four 8-hour shifts, with people coming in a little late and leaving a little early.

"How do we assure that people are putting in the full 10-hour days, because 10 hours a day are pretty grueling for people," Valentine said.

Several lawmakers are also concerned service levels will drop.

"The normal 8-to-5 worker would not really have a benefit with this change in schedule," said Rep. Ron Bigelow, R-West Valley.

Had the program been delayed a little, several of these issues could have been worked out. But since that didn't happen, Valentine said the Legislature may have to come together to solve the problems of statutory holidays, filing deadlines and levels of service that may require legislation.