Lawmakers are trying to figure out a way to get monster trucks and go-karts off the freeway.

The Legislature passed a bill last year to allow ATVs to ride down state roads. But in the Utah Highway Patrol's eyes, not all ATVs are created equal.

Go-karts with seats less than 12 inches off the ground should not be cruising up U.S. 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon, UHP Capt. Ron Ostler told the Legislature's Transportation Interim Committee on Wednesday.

And technically, under the new law, monster trucks are ATVs. And "I don't think that was ever the intent, to have these running up and down the highway," Ostler said.

Ostler asked legislators to change the law to only allow ATVs on the roads that are no more than 70 inches in length, not less than 30 inches wide and have a seat height between 30 and 40 inches.