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Tom Smart, Deseret News
Nancy and Dale Murphy share the experience of being published authors. Her book examines the topic of the Holy Ghost.

Dale Murphy may have three book titles to his credit, but he's not the writer of the family.

That distinction belongs to his wife.

"When an athlete writes a book, he usually needs a lot of help," said Dale, a two-time National League MVP winner as a member of the Atlanta Braves.

One of the individuals who contributed to his projects was Nancy Murphy, whom he met at Brigham Young University. Throughout their marriage, they have raised eight children together, experienced Dale's 18-year major league baseball career and served in the presidency of the Massachusetts Boston Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Now, they share the experience of being published authors. Nancy Murphy's first book, "Whisperings of the Spirit," was published by Deseret Book in March.

In "Whisperings of the Spirit," Nancy examines the topic of the Holy Ghost. The first-time author emphasizes the importance of being receptive to the spirit and details practical advice for enhancing that communication.

"The topic of the Holy Ghost as a whole is one that we don't explore enough," Nancy said. "I don't know if we really give it enough attention."

Nancy's inspiration and insight were the product of her personal efforts to magnify the presence of the Holy Ghost in her own life. In fact, her personal scripture journal could easily be considered the first draft of the book.

After deciding to make a concerted effort to record impressions she received, Nancy began writing down thoughts in her scriptures or on the backs of sacrament meeting programs. But the scattered notes proved elusive and difficult to reference, so she began keeping a journal.

"I just started writing down every time the spirit would touch me," she said.