EAGLE MOUNTAIN — Property taxes and rates for city-operated utilities won't be going up, but residents can expect a hike in garbage-collection fees.

Those fees are going up to meet contract obligations, city spokeswoman Linda Peterson said. The first can is now $11, up from $10.50, and the second is $6.25, up from $6. The city also tacked on a $1 fuel surcharge.

In September, the city is to begin an equal-pay program to help residents budget their utility payments.

"This program calculates the average amount of utilities used over a period of one year and bills that amount each month, thereby allowing customers to know ahead of time what their monthly bill will be," she said.

To qualify for the program, residents need to have lived in the same Eagle Mountain home for 12 months and have their accounts in good standing. They must also agree to pay a pre-determined amount each month.

The city will mail details on how to apply for the equal-pay program with September utility bills, and the program will also be posted on the city's Web site, eaglemountaincity.com, Peterson said.