HOUSTON — A Houston councilwoman pulled a driver from a fiery car, just weeks after angering police by coming to the aid of a man she believed was being mistreated during an arrest.

Councilwoman Jolanda Jones and two other Good Samaritans pried a woman loose from her car after the vehicle careered off a highway around 1 a.m. Sunday. Jones, a former track star at the University of Houston, said she ran toward the burning car after it went off the road.

"The window was melting," Jones told the Houston Chronicle. "The fire was coming in."

Jones carried the woman, who had a broken leg, to the curb and waited for police to arrive. Jones said an officer told her the woman might have suffered internal injuries from the 100-foot fall.

There was no such heroic treatment after the last run-in Jones had with police.

Less than three weeks ago, Houston police accused her of interfering with an arrest when she expressed concerns that the suspect, wanted on charges of marijuana possession, was being mistreated.

Jones said she saw what she thought was a civil rights violation. A police report described Jones as being "irate, angry and hostile" while questioning the officers' tactics.

Jones, a criminal defense attorney, joined the City Council in January.