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Two-a-days can be a real grind. So why not take a break?

BYU did so, last week, skipping a day of practice so the Cougars could attended the movie "The Dark Knight."

Let's be honest: The last two years, Bronco Mendenhall has come on like the Caped Crusader, anyway.

Even so, the movie wasn't exactly his cup of herbal tea.

"It wasn't my favorite," said Mendenhall. "A little too much violence for me, quite frankly."


What football coach wants to be exposed to violence?

Pocket change

Mendenhall handed out coins earlier in camp, which featured a player carrying a banner on one side and the team's mission statement on the other.

The idea is to remind the players of their responsibility and commitment.

That sort of motivational stuff seems to have worked so far.

Still, you gotta wonder if in the days of loosey-goosey players like Hans Olsen, Bob Davis or Rob Morris, they would have tried to use theirs in a Coke machine.

The flip side

While most experts are calling for the Cougars to win the MWC, not everyone is.

Playboy's preseason football issue is out and it has Utah, not BYU, in its Top 25.

The Utes are ranked 16th, ahead of teams such as Boise State, Arkansas, Tennessee and Oregon State.

BYU not on Playboy's preseason list?

Imagine that.

Rumor has it the Utes are planning to mint coins of their own with Miss September on one side and the slogan "Hef for President" on the other.

Bald statistics

Manny Ramirez is in L.A. now and still making news.

He cut his hair to semi-mollify Dodger management, but only an inch or so.

Seems Ramierez believes his strength — like that of Biblical figure Samson — is in his locks.

"He haunts me with this," manager Joe Torre told reporters. "He says every time he gets a hit, it's the hair."

In that case, Boston's Kevin Youkilis (.320, 23 HR's) should be hitting about a buck-fifty and whiffing every other at-bat.

To your health

Ah, football, when the smell of burning leaves is in the air — not to mention the whiff of nachos, chili dogs and burgers.

Or how about some tasty seaweed to munch on during the game?

Carroll (Tex.) High will be offering sushi at home games, this year. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that for $5 fans can get a sampler plate with things like crab, avocado, asparagus and nori (seaweed), or go with the smoked salmon, cream cheese, asparagus and nori.

Remember "Field of Dreams," when Terence Mann barks, "Dog and a beer" at the concessions stand at Fenway?

Nowadays it would be, "Carrot sticks and a vitamin drink, please."

And don't skimp on the salmon dip.

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