The closing of SunCrest Market in Draper is the latest and most visible sign of trouble for the bankrupt Traverse Ridge development.

The shop, which had been the sole public meeting place for hundreds of residents on the mountaintop, closed indefinitely on Saturday. The store will remain closed at least until a new developer buys the property.

SunCrest was hailed as a mountaintop escape from the polluted valleys below, but now its residents will have to travel at least four miles for purchases as minor as milk or a chocolate bar.

Most Salt Lake area commuters will likely stop off at the new Harmons grocery store at the base of the mountain on their way home, said SunCrest resident Paul Tonks.

"We'll have to plan ahead," he said. "Hopefully, we'll have our little market opening with a new developer before winter comes."

Zions Bank owns the market and the unfinished parts of SunCrest, plus an unfinished recreation center near the store.

It has no plans to continue building and doesn't plan to finish the recreation center, said bank spokesman Rob Brough.

"Our primary objective at this point is to find a qualified developer," he said. The bank hopes to find a company with experience developing hillsides, but won't require that, he added.

Zions acquired the development when developer Terrabrook declared bankruptcy. Terrabrook left a main road in tatters and never fulfilled its master development agreement, which required it to build water infrastructure in lieu of paying impact fees.

Until a new developer comes into the picture, neither the city nor the residents know what will happen with those issues, said Draper spokeswoman Maridene Hancock.

"It's kind of a game of wait-and-see," she said.

Meanwhile, the Draper City Council will consider adding a three-member advisory committee to the Traverse Ridge Special Service District, which serves the SunCrest area. The proposal came about during 2008-09 budget discussions for the property tax district, Hancock said. The council is set to vote on the issue today.

Those interested in serving on the volunteer committee will be asked to fill out forms through Draper City's Web site, at

E-mail: [email protected]